Friday, November 30, 2007

Jurassic 5 Discography

Jurassic 5 was an American alternative hip hop group formed in 1993 by rappers Chali 2na, Akil, Zaakir aka Soup, Mark 7even, and turntable maestros DJ Nu-Mark and DJ Cut Chemist, who came together from two separate crews, the Rebels of Rhythm and Unity Committee... more at Wikipedia

LP (1997)

Jurassic 5 LP
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Quality: 320kbps
01. In the Flesh
02. Quality Control Pt. 2
03. Jayou
04. Lesson 6: The Lecture
05. Concrete Schoolyard
06. Setup
07. Action Satisfaction
08. Sausage Gut
09. Improvise
10. Blacktop Beat
11. Without a Doubt
12. Lesson 6 (Reprise)
13. Action Satisfaction [Dub]

Quality Control (2000)

Quality Control
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Intro : How We Get Along
02. Influence
03. Great Expectations
04. Quality Control (Intro)
05. Quality Control
06. Contact
07. Lausd
08. W.O.E. Is Me (World of Entertainment)
09. Monkey Bars
10. Jurass Finish First
11. Contribution
12. Twelve
13. Game
14. Improvise
15. Swing Set

Power in Numbers (2002)

Power In Numbers
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Quality: 320kbps
01. This Is
02. Freedom
03. If You Only Knew
04. Break
05. React
06. A Day At The Races (feat. Big Daddy Kane & Percy P)
07. Remember His Name
08. What's Golden
09. Thin Line (feat. Nelly Furtado)
10. After School Special
11. High Fidelity
12. Sum Of Us
13. DDT
14. One Of Them (Feat. JuJu of The Beatnuts)
15. Hey
16. I Am Somebody
17. Acetate Prophets

Feedback (2006)

Jurassic 5 Feedback
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Back 4 U
02. Radio
03. Brown Girl
04. Gotta Understand
05. In The House
06. Baby Please
07. Work It Out
08. Where We At
09. Get It Together
10. Future Sound
11. J Resume (Skit)
12. Red Hot
13. Turn It Out
14. End Up Like This
15. Canto De Ossanha

Jurassic 5 - The Influence

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Clans

The Clans merupakan Kugiran yang mengiringi Fatimah M Amin,M Osman tapi ada juga mengiringi Nor Hassan.Terima Kasih pada pengirim lagu ini Hj Rahman atas sumbangan lagu tersebut.Lagu yang pernah menjadi kenangan beliau satu ketika dulu dan untuk di kongsi bersama dengan pengunjung popokNet .

untuk muaturun sila klik tajuk lagu

Nor Hassan & The Clans - Selintas Lalu


Scientifik is an MC from Boston, Massachusetts. He died in 1996 in a double homicide case that remains largely unsolved to this day.

The Most Blunted (1992)

Scientifik The Most Blunted
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Quality: 192kbps
01. I Used To Know Ya
02. Bitch I Don’t Need Ya
03. Slicka Picka Upper
04. I’m Taking Your Girl
05. It’s Murda Son
06. I Ain’t The Damn One
07. The Most Blunted
08. Hardcore Love
09. It’s On
10. Disco Tech

Criminal (1994)

Scientifik Criminal
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Lawtown
02. I Got Planz (Featuring Diamond D)
03. Jungles of Da East
04. Overnite Gangsta
05. Yeah Daddy
06. Still an Herb Dealer
07. As Long As You Know (Featuring Edo. G)
08. Fallen Star
09. Downlo Ho
10. Criminal

Scientifik - Lawtown


Brad Jordan, better known by his stage name Scarface, is an American rapper from Houston, Texas and a member of the Geto Boys. He is originally from the South Park community... more at Wikipedia

Mr. Scarface is back (1991)

Mr Scarface Is Back
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Quality: 192kbps
01. Mr. Scarface
02. The Pimp
03. Born Killer
04. Murder By Reason Of Insaniy
05. Your Ass Got Took
06. Diary Of A Madman
07. Body Snatchers
08. Money And The Power
09. P D Roll 'Em
10. Good Girl Gone Bad
11. A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die
12. I'm Dead

The Diary (1994)

Scarface The Diary
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Intro
02. The White Sheet
03. No Tears
04. Jesse James
05. G's
06. I Seen A Man Die
07. One
08. Goin' Down
09. One Time
10. Hand Of The Dead Body
11. Mind Playin' Tricks 94
12. The Diary
13. Outro

Scarface ft. Ice Cube, Devin - Hand Of The Dead Body

Monday, November 26, 2007


Omar Credle was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bushwick section. In 1991, he would make his recording debut on Organized Konfusion's "Fudge Pudge" and one year later he made a featuring on the remix of MC Serch's "Back to the Grill" (which also features a very young Nasty Nas). By 1994, he had signed with Wild Pitch Records and recorded the seminal classic Word...Life which featured his most notable single "Time's Up". The album was critically acclaimed and remains beloved in hip-hop circles... more at Wikipedia

Word...Life (1994)

OC Word Life
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Creative Control
02. Word...Life
03. O-Zone
04. Born 2 Live
05. Time's Up
06. Point O Viewz
07. Constables
08. Ga Head
09. No Main Topic
10. Let It Slide
11. Ma Duke
12. Story
13. Outtro
14. Born 2 Live

Jewelz (1997)

OC Jewelz
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Intro
02. My World
03. War Games
04. Can't Go Wrong
05. The Chosen One
06. Dangerous
07. Win The G
08. Far From Yours
09. Stronjay
10. M.U.G.
11. The Crow
12. You And Yours
13. Hypocrite
14. It's Only Right
15. Jewelz

Bon Appetit (2001)

OC Bon Appetit
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Quality: 192kbps
01. Intro
02. Back To Cali
03. Soul To Keep
04. Dr. Know
05. Bounce Mission
06. Bon Appetit
07. Doin' Dirt
08. Get It Dirty
09. Utmost
10. Respect Tha Drop
11. Weed & Drinks
12. Paradise
13. Psalm 23

O.C. - My World [prod. by DJ Premier]

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dilated Peoples

Dilated Peoples is an underground hip hop group that resides in California. It has achieved great fame in the underground hip hop community, although it has had little mainstream success in the US, with the exception of the song "This Way," a 2004 collaboration with Kanye West. It reached the Top 40 of the UK Singles Chart with two tracks, "This Way" and "Worst Comes to Worst." Their members include DJ Babu (producer/DJ), Evidence (emcee-producer) and Rakaa Iriscience (emcee)... more at Wikipedia

The Platform (2000)

Dilated Peoples The Platform
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Quality: 320kbps
01. So May I Introduce to You
02. Platform
03. No Retreat feat. B Real
04. Guaranteed
05. Right On
06. Main Event
07. Service
08. Ear Drums Pop
09. Years in the Making
10. Annihilation
11. Expanding Man
12. Last Line of Defense
13. Triple Optics
14. Shape of Things to Come feat. Aceyalone
15. Work the Angles
16. Ear Drums [Remix] feat. Defari, Phil Da Agony, Planet Asia

Expansion Team (2001)

Dilated Peoples Expansion Team
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Live on Stage
02. Worst Comes to Worst
03. Clockwork
04. Trade Money
05. Heavy Rotation feat. Tha Alkaholiks
06. Self Defense
07. Phil da Agony Interlude
08. Proper Propaganda
09. Dilated Junkies feat. J-Rocc, DJ Rhettmatic
10. Panic
11. Pay Attention
12. Night Life
13. War
14. Hard Hitters - Black Thought
15. Defari Interlude
16. Expansion Team Theme

Neighborhood Watch (2004)

Neighborhood Watch
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Marathon
02. Neighborhood Watch
03. Tryin' To Breathe
04. Caffeine
05. Who's Who
06. Poisonous
07. Reach Us
08. Big Business
09. Love And War
10. 1580 (Skit)
11. World On Wheels
12. Closed Session
13. This Way
14. DJ Babu In Deep Concentration (Contains Hidden Track "Hotline Skit)

20/20 (2006)

20 20
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Green Trees
02. Back Again
03. You Can't Hide, You Can't Run
04. Alarm Clock Music
05. Olde English
06. Kindness For Weakness
07. Another Sound Mission
08. Rapid Transit (Feat. Krondon)
09. The Eyes Have It
10. Satellite Radio
11. Firepower (The Tables Have to Turn) (Feat. Capleton)
12. The One And Only
13. 20/20

Dilated Peoples - Work The Angles

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Three Times Dope (a.k.a. 3XD)

Three Times Dope is a hip hop trio from Philadelphia consisting of EST (Robert Waller), Chuck Nice (Walter Griggs) and Woody Wood (Duerwood Beale). Their debut LP, Original Stylin was well-received, though the follow-up was a comparative failure (Live from Acknikulous Land, 1990)... more at Wikipedia

Original Stylin' (1989)

Three Times Dope Original Stylin
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Greatest Man Alive
02. Original Stylin'
03. Funky Dividends
04. Improvin da Groovin
05. Increase the Peace/What's Going On
06. From da Giddy Up
07. Once More (You Hear the Dope Stuff)
08. Believe Dat
09. Straight Up
10. Who Is This?
11. Crushin n' Bussin
12. Joe Familiar

Live From Acknickulous Land (1990)

Three Times Dope Live From Acknickulous Land
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 192kbps
01. Return Home (Intro Mission)
02. Mr. Sandman
03. Mellow But Smooth
04. Weak at the Knees
05. No Words
06. Make Ya $
07. In Effect
08. 10 Lil' Sucka Emceez
09. Make Dat Move
10. I Ain't Trying 2 Hear It
11. (Peace) Ya' Self
12. I Got It
13. Do U Wanna C It
14. Live!!! From Acknickulous Land

3 X Dope - The Sequel 3 (1998)

3XDope The Sequel
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 192kbps
01. Hell Yeah It's On
02. Off da Head
03. Gimme Dat Beat
04. Answering Service
05. I Got da Cash
06. Free Style Mania
07. Est Anthem
08. Da Sequel
09. Kick Dat Style
10. Sadly Missed (Intro, Tribute)
11. Sadly Missed
12. Tryin See You
13. Reel Skillz

Three Times Dope - No Words

Del The Funky Homosapien Discography

Teren Delvon Jones (born August 12, 1972 in Oakland, California), better known as Del tha Funkee Homosapien, is an alternative hip hop artist. more at Wikipedia

I Wish My Brother George Was Here (1991)

Del The Funky Homosapien I Wish My Brother George Was Here
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. What Is A Booty
02. Mistadobalina
03. Wacky World Of Rapid Transit
04. Pissin' On Your Steps
05. Dark Skin Girls
06. Money For Sex
07. Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo
08. Prelude
09. Dr. Bombay
10. Sunny Meadowz
11. Sleepin' On My Couch
12. Hoodz Come In Dozens
13. Same Ol' Thing
14. Ya Lil' Crumbsnatchers

No Need for Alarm (1993)

No Need for Alarm
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. You're In Shambles
02. Catch A Bad One
03. Wack M.C.'s
04. No Need For Alarm
05. Boo Booheads
06. Heats For The Kiddies
07. Worldwide
08. No More Worries
09. Wrongplace
10. In And Out
11. Don't Forget
12. Miles To Go
13. Check It Ooout
14. Thank Youse

Future Development (1998)

Future Development
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Lyric Licking
02. Stress the World
03. Why You Wanna Get Funky...
04. Don't Forget the Bass
05. Faulty
06. X-Files
07. Future Development
08. Corner Story
09. Love Is Worth
10. Del's Nightmare
11. Games Begin
12. Town to Town
13. Checkin out the Rivalry - Casual

Both Sides of Tha Brain (2000)

Both Sides Of Tha Brain
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Time Is Too Expensive
02. If You Must
03. Jaw Gymnastics
04. Pet Peeves
05. Press Rewind
06. Off Spring
07. Style Police
08. Fake as F**k
09. BM's
10. Skull 7 Crossbones
11. Soopa Feen
12. Disastrous
13. Signature Slogans
14. Catch All This
15. Phoney Phranchise
16. Proto Culture
17. Stay on Your Toes

11th Hour (2008)

11th Hour
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Raw Sewage
02. Bubble Pop
03. Back In The Chamber
04. Situations
05. Naked Fonk
06. Hold Your Hand
07. Foot Down
08. I'll Tell You
09. Workin' It
10. Last Hurrah
11. Str8t Up And Down
12. I Got You
13. Funkyhomosapien
14. True Endeavors (Bonus Track)

Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) (2009)

Funk Man The Stimulus Package
Quality: 320kbps
01. Get it right now!
02. And they thought that was hell
03. Fit like a glove
04. Go against the grain
05. Hardcore punks can't take it
06. I'm smellin' myself
07. King of Fighters
08. News Alert
09. Simple Satisfaction
10. Straight from the big bad west coast
11. Land of funk
12. Young Adrenaline
13. Sometimes i gotta get stupid

Automatik Statik (2009)

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien Automatik Statik
Quality: 320kbps
01. Dzl Funk
02. Dammit
03. For those who know
04. Weapon x Militant
05. From a-to-z
06. Guaranteed
07. Monkey Wrench
08. I Got Whut U Need
09. Make An Ass of Urself
10. Sheen and Glow
11. Super Cool

Del tha Funkee Homosapien - If You Must

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mos Def Discography

Dante Terrell Smith (born December 11, 1973), is an American MC and actor. He is better known by his stage name Mos Def, which, contrary to popular belief, does not mean 'MOSt DEFinetly', but rather that he thinks he is the 'Most Def', Def meaning 'cool' in old school hip hop slang... more at Wikipedia

Black on Both Sides (1999)

Mos Def Black on Both Sides
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Fear Not Of Man
02. Hip Hop
03. Love
04. Ms. Fat Booty
05. Speed Law
06. Do It Now
07. Got
08. Umi Says
09. New World Water
10. Rock N Roll
11. Know That
12. Climb
13. Brooklyn
14. Habitat
15. Mr. Nigga
16. Mathematics
17. May-December

The New Danger (2004)

mos def new danger
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Boogie Man Song
02. Freaky Black
03. Ghetto Rock
04. Zimzallabim
05. The Rape Over
06. Black Jack
07. Bedstuy Parade
08. Sex, Love & Money
09. Sunshine
10. Close Edge
11. The Panties
12. War
13. Grown Man Business
14. Modern Marvel
15. Life is Real
16. The Easy Spell
17. The Beggar
18. Champion Requiem

True Magic (2006)

True Magic
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 160kbps
01. True Magic
02. Undeniable
03. U R the One
04. Thug Is a Drug
05. Crime & Medicine
06. A Ha
07. Dollar Day
08. Napoleon Dynamite
09. There Is a Way
10. Sun, Moon, Stars
11. Murder of a Teenage Life
12. Fake Bonanza
13. Perfect Timing
14. Lifetime

The Ecstatic (2009)

The Ecstatic
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 192kbps
01. Supermagic
02. Twilite Speedball
03. Auditiorium Ft. Slick Rick
04. Wahid
05. Priority
06. Quiet Dog Bite Hard
07. Life In Marvelous Times
08. The Embassy
09. No Hay Nada Mas
10. Pistola
11. Pretty Danger
12. Workers Comp.
13. Revelations
14. Roses Ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow
15. History Ft. Talib Kweli
16. Casa Bey

Mos Def - Mathematics

Royal Flush

976-Dope (1991)

Royal Flush 976 Dope
Quality: 256kbps
01. Not Cha' Average Rapper
02. I Never Made 20
03. How We Gonna Act
04. Industry Scoop
05. You Wasn't Taklin' When I Was Walkin'
06. Puttin' Em in Place
07. Call the Cops
08. 976-Dope
09. Non Stop
10. Isabelle Ignorant
11. She Chose Me
12. Watch Out for the Plant
13. Maybe I Don't See So Well
14. Mute

Ghetto Millionaire (1997)

Royal Flush Ghetto Millionaire
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Intro
02. I Been Gettin' So Much $
03. Iced Down Medallions feat. Noreaga
04. Can't Help It feat. Khadejia
05. Illiodic Shines feat. Mic Geronimo
06. Movin' on Your Weak Productions feat. Mic Geronimo
07. Conflict (Intro)
08. Conflict
09. Shines (Intro)
10. Shines
11. Family Problems
12. What a Shame feat. Noreaga
13. Regulate (Intro)
14. Regulate feat. Mic Geronimo
15. Worldwide
16. Niggas Night Out
17. International Currency (Intro)
18. International Currency
19. War
20. Makin' Moves
21. Reppin'
22. Dead Letter

Royal Flush - Worldwide

A Ramlie dan Maria Bacok

A Ramlie dan Maria Bacok
Cahaya Bulan Diair Tenang [ new remastering ]
Cahaya Bulan Di Air Tenang

Zaiton Sameon

link by sayang76 Tq

Menaruh Harapan
Diriku Yang Tersingkir
Kabut Serangkai Mawar
Turutkan Hati
Menadah Impian

Koleksi Zaiton Sameon by popoknet Kabut Serangkai Mawar

Monday, November 19, 2007

Biz Markie

Marcel Theo Hall (born March 10, 1964 in Harlem, New York) better known by his stage name Biz Markie, is a rapper, DJ, and comedian, best known for the single "Just a Friend". more at Wikipedia

Goin' Off (1988)

Biz Markie Goin Off
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Pickin' Boogers
02. Albee Square Mall
03. Biz Is Goin' Off
04. Return of the Biz Dance
05. Vapors
06. Make the Music With Your Mouth, Biz
07. Biz Dance, Pt. 1 [Special Marley Marl Remix]
08. Nobody Beats the Biz [Special Marley Marl Remix]
09. This Is Something for the Radio
10. Cool V's Tribute to Scratching

The Biz Never Sleeps (1989)

The Biz Never Sleeps
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Dedication
02. Check It Out
03. The Dragon
04. Spring Again
05. Just A Friend
06. She's Not Just Another Woman (Monique)
07. Mudd Foot
08. Me Versus Me
09. My Man Rich
10. I Hear Music
11. Biz In Harmony
12. Things Get A Little Easter

I Need a Haircut (1991)

I Need A Haircut
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. To My Boys
02. Road Block
03. Let Go My Eggo
04. What Comes Around Goes Around
05. Romeo and Juliet
06. T.S.R. (Toilet Stool Rap)
07. Busy Doing Nuthin'
08. I Told You
09. Buck Wild
10. Kung Fu
11. Take It from the Top
12. On and On

All Samples Cleared (1993)

All Samples Cleared
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. I'm the Biz Markie
02. I'm an Ugly Nigga (So What)
03. Young Girl Bluez
04. Family Tree
05. Let Me Turn You On
06. The Gator (Dance)
07. Groovin'
08. I'm Singin'
09. Hooker Got a Boyfriend
10. Bad by Myself
11. Funk Is Back
12. Thanks

Weekend Warrior (2003)

Weekend Warrior
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Intro
02. Tear Shit Up
03. Chinese Food
04. Let Me See You Bounce
05. Like a Dream Feat. Lil' Kal
06. Biz Clownin (Interlude)
07. Throw Back
08. Friends
09. Do Your Thang
10. Country (Interlude)
11. Turn Back the Hands of Time
12. Games
13. Not a Freak
14. Party to the Break-A-Day
15. Beatbox (Interlude)
16. For the DJ'z
17. Get Down
18. Ei Ya

Biz Markie - Vapors

Yan Hunied-melayu deli

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jungle Brothers

The Jungle Brothers are an American hip hop group that pioneered the fusion of jazz and hip-hop and also became the first hip-hop group to use a house-music producer. The group began performing in the mid-1980s and released its first album, Straight Out the Jungle, in 1988. With Afrocentric lyrics and innovative beats, the Jungle Brothers were critically acclaimed and soon joined the influential Native Tongues collective. The trio is composed of Michael Small (Mike Gee), Nathaniel Hall (Afrika Baby Bam, an homage to Afrika Bambaataa) and Sammy Burwell (DJ Sammy B). Sammy B left the group after the group released Raw Deluxe. more at Wikipedia

Straight Out the Jungle (1988)

Jungle Brothers Straight Out The Jungle
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Straight Out The Jungle
02. What's Going On
03. Black Is Black
04. Jimbrowski
05. I'm Gonna Do You
06. I'll House You
07. On The Run
08. Behind The Bush
09. Because I Got It Like That
10. Braggin & Boastin
11. Sounds Of The Safari
12. Jimmy's Bonus Beat
13. The Promo

Done By the Forces of Nature (1989)

Jungle Brothers Done By The Forces Of Nature
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Beyond This World
02. Feelin' Alright
03. SunShine
04. What 'U' Waitin' '4'?
05. 'U' Make Me Sweat
06. Acknowledge Your Own History
07. Belly Dancin' Dina
08. Good Newz Comin'
09. Done By The Forces Of Nature
10. Beeds On A String
11. Tribe Vibes
12. J. Beez Comin' Through
13. Black Woman
14. In Dayz '2' Come
15. Doin' Our Own Dang
16. Kool Accordin '2' A Jungle Brother

J. Beez Wit the Remedy (1993)

J Beez Wit The Remedy
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. 40 Below Trooper feat. Billy Squier
02. Book of Rhyme Pages feat. Run-D.M.C.
03. My Jimmy Weighs a Ton
04. Good Ole Hype Shit
05. Blahbludify
06. Spark a New Flame
07. I'm in Love With Indica
08. Simple as That
09. All I Think About Is You
10. Good Lookin Out
11. JB's Comin Through
12. Spittin Wicked Randomness
13. For the Headz at Company Z
14. Man Made Material

Raw Deluxe (1997)

Raw Deluxe
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Jungle Brother (True Blue)
02. Changes
03. Black Man On Track
04. Toe To Toe
05. Moving Along
06. Gettin Money
07. Where You Gonna Go
08. Brain
09. Handle My Business
10. How Ya Want It We Got It (Native Tongue Remix)
11. Bring It On
12. Jungle Brother (Stereo MC's Mix)

Jungle Brothers - Straight Out The Jungle

Sohaimi Mior Hassan

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download Di Suatu Musim Bunga
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download Ros
download Sandarkan Resahmu Di Bahuku
download Sedari Dulu
download Semalam Aku Terfikir Sesuatu
download Suatu Aku Yang Terlena
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Sohaimi Mior Hassan link by popokNet

Apabila Isteriku Tertawa
Suatu Yang Terlena
Suatu Aku Yang Terlena2

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Siti Zaiton [ Klip Video ]

3rd Bass

3rd Bass was an American hip-hop group that rose to fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and was notable for being one of the first successful interracial hip-hop groups... more at Wikipedia

The Cactus Album (The Cactus Cee/D) (1989)

3rd Bass The Cactus Album
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Stymie's Theme
02. Sons Of 3rd Bass
03. Russell Rush
04. The Gas Face
05. Monte Hall
06. Oval Office
07. Hoods
08. Soul In The Hole
09. Triple Stage Darkness
10. M.C. Disagree
11. Wordz Of Wizdom
12. Product Of The Environment
13. Desert Boots
14. The Cactus
15. Jim Backus
16. Flippin Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball
17. Brooklyn-Queens
18. Steppin' To The A.M.
19. Episode #3
20. Who's On Third

Derelicts of Dialect (1991)

3rd Bass Derelicts of Dialect
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Merchant of Grooves
02. Derelicts of Dialect
03. Ace in the Hole
04. French Toast
05. Portrait of the Artist as a Hood
06. Pop Goes the Weasel
07. Sea Vessel Soliloquy
08. Daddy Rich in the Land of 1210
09. Word to the Third
10. Herbalz in Your Mouth
11. Al'z A-B-Cee'z
12. No Master Plan No Master Race
13. Come In
14. No Static at All
15. Eye Jammie
16. Microphone Techniques - Nice & Smooth, 3rd Bass
17. Problem Child
18. 3 Strikes 5000
19. Kick Em in the Grill
20. Green Eggs and Swine

3rd Bass - Steppin' To The A.M.

Shakatak - Emotionally Blue

4. 5 A.M.

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