Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Somewhere in Dakota" (las canciones inéditas de John Lennon)

Between 1975-1980, John Lennon stayed away from musical world and recording studios. He preferred being houseband and father, but it didn't prevent him from composing, and recording his new songs in his living-room at his apartment, in the Dakota Building.
That impressive building, located in the upper-west side in Manhattan witnessed the process of many songs that John Lennon never recorded in a studio, or finished in some cases.
SOMEWHERE IN DAKOTA is a tribute to those years, and it compiles 12 fresh and original John Lennon songs, completed, arranged and recorded like John could have done it he published them for a solo album.
1.- Help me to help myself
2.- Real life
3.- A friend of Dorothy
4.- Solitude
5.- You saved my soul
6.- Grow old with me (A wedding song)
7.- Serve yourself
8.- Sally and Billy
9.- One of the boys
10.- Now and then
11.- India
12.- Dear John
Octavio Cavalli: All instruments and Vocals
Recorded in Rex Studio between April and December 2010 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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