Friday, November 25, 2011

Circle of Power

Note: I'm aware of the issue that a lot of wupload links have been deleted. I will use a link shortener for the fileserve links, so the blog wont direct You to the download page instantly, there will be a 3rd party site in between. This is a must to longer the lifetime of the files. Also I am workin' on some Instrumentals, and may be willing to sell them here on the blog, so let me know if You are interested in the ShoutOuts section...

Circle of Power is a rap group from the west coast, consisting of Mone and Wiz. I dont know much about them cause they are totally underground. Their first & only LP was released in 1993 on Rumble Records. The lyrics have different topics, for example in the track "Daddy" they rappin' about a kid, who's been left by his father and it has a smooth jazzy beat underlyin it. Dont sleep on this one, cause you wont find it in the stores!

Circle of Power (1993)

Circle of Power
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Prisms of Ismz
02. Hoodlumz
03. Smoked Ham
04. Run 4 Ya Life
05. Take a Look Around
06. Daddy
07. Freaky Mama
08. Low Life
09. Ghetto: State of Mind
10. B.F. Sound Check [Freestyle '93]
11. Blak Beanz
12. 1 for da Trouble
13. Unseen Offspring
14. Psycho 2
15. Live From Da Treehouse
16. 2 For Da Trouble


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