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Show & AG Discography

Showbiz and A.G. (aka Show and A.G.) are an American hip hop duo from The Bronx, New York City. Showbiz is a producer and A.G. (short for André the Giant) is a rapper. The two debuted on Lord Finesse's Funky Technician album in 1990. They are members of the Diggin' in the Crates Crew (D.I.T.C.) along with Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Fat Joe, O.C., Buckwild and the late Big L... more at Wikipedia

Runaway Slave (1992)

Runaway Slave
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Still Diggin'
02. Fat Pockets
03. Bounce Ta This
04. More Than One Way Out of the Ghetto
05. Silence of the Lambs [Remix]
06. 40 Acres and My Props
07. Runaway Slave
08. Hard to Kill
09. Hold Ya Head
10. He Say, She Say
11. Represent
12. Silence of the Lambs
13. Party Groove [Bass Mix]
14. Soul Clap [Short Version]
15. Catchin' Wreck
16. Party Groove [Instrumental]

Goodfellas (1995)

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Quality: 320kbps
01. Never Less Than III
02. You Know Now
03. Check It Out
04. Add On
05. Next Level [Nyte Time Mix]
06. Time For
07. Got the Flava
08. Neighbahood Sickness
09. All Out
10. Medicine
11. I'm Not the One
12. Got Ya Back
13. Next Level
14. You Want It

Unreleased Shit EP (1995)

Unreleased Shit EP
Quality: 256kbps
A1. Time For (Original Mix)
A2. Stand Strong
A3. Under Pressure
B1. I'm Not The One (Original Mix)
B2. You Want It
B3. Ain't No Fun

Full Scale (1998)

Full Scale
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Themes, Schemes & Dreams
02. Drop It Heavy
03. Q & A
04. Full Scale
05. Spit
06. Time to Get This Money
07. Who's the Dirtiest?
08. Dignified Soldiers
09. Put It in Your System
10. Raw as Ever
11. Dignified Soldiers [Remix]
12. Spit [Remix]
13. Hidden Crates
14. Hold Mines
15. Get Dirty

Live Hard (2007)

Live Hard
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Business As Usual cuts by DJ Premier
02. Can't Relate
03. The World Is Listening
04. Running Man
05. Land Of The Free feat. O.C.
06. Live Hard
07. Magic prod. by E-Blaze
08. Business As Usual [Instrumental]
09. Can't Relate [Instrumental]
10. The World Is Listening [Instrumental]
11. Land Of The Free [Instrumental]
12. Live Hard [Instrumental]

Mugshot Music (2011)

Mugshot Music
Quality: 192kbps
01. God Is 4 Us
02. Here & Now
03. Show & A.
04. South Bronx Shit
05. Suspended Animation

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