Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nikki D

Nikki D was the first female rapper signed by Def Jam Recordings. She signed with Def Jam in 1989 and released her debut single "A No No No", in the same year. It was produced by Sam Sever. The single's video featured Flavor Flav and computerized images of the other Def Jam artist. Later Nikki D released the more commercially acceptable song, "Daddy's Little Girl" some two years later, which hit the Billboard sales charts... more at Wikipedia

Daddy's Little Girl (1991)

Nikki D Daddys Little Girl
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01. Daddy's Little Girl
02. Monday We'll Be Together
03. Hang On Kid
04. The Beauty Shop
05. All About You
06. Sunny Daze
07. Wasted P*&^Y
08. Your Man Is My Man
09. 18 And Loves To Go
10. Another Man is Beatin' My Time
11. Gotta Up The Ante For The Panties
12. Freak Accident
13. Lettin Off Steam (Club Mix)

Nikki D - Daddy's Little Girl

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