Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sham & The Professor

Sham & The Professor are a hip-hop group from Coney Island, NY. They released their debut album, Split Personalities in 1994 under Priority Records...

Split Personalities (1994)

Split Personalities
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01. Destruct Flavor
02. Soul Shakedown Party
03. So-Lo-Ist
04. I'm on My Way
05. Can't F**k with the Destruct
06. Ice Cream Shit
07. Murder on My Hands
08. Justice for All
09. The Light's Gone Out (In My Back Yard)
10. 1/4 Pound Intro
11. Who's at the Door?
12. Jigery Pogery
13. Envy Runz Deep
14. Grammy Smokeout
15. The Rites of Passage
16. U.C.S.M.D.
17. So-Low-Ist [Remix]

Who's at the Door?

The Light's Gone Out (In My Back Yard)

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