Saturday, February 26, 2011

Def Jef

Def Jef is the stage name of Jeffrey Fortson, an American alternative hip hop musician and rapper of the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was born in Harlem, New York.
His debut album was 1989's Just a Poet With a Soul, which won critical acclaim for sociopolitical lyrics and original beats. more at Wikipedia

Just a Poet with Soul (1989)

Def Jef Just a Poet with Soul
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Droppin' Rhymes On Drums
02. Givin'em Rhythm
03. On The Real Tip
04. Poet With Soul
05. Give It Here
06. Do You Wanna Get Housed
07. Black To The Future
08. Do It Baby
09. God Made Me Funky
10. Downtown
11. Just A Poet

Soul Food (1991)

Soul Food
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01. A Poet's Prelude
02. Get Up 4 the Get Down
03. Soul Provider
04. Here We Go Again
05. Cali's All That (Feat. Tone Loc)
06. Brand New Heavy Freestyle (Feat. The Brand New Heavies)
07. Soul Is Back
08. Shadow of Def
09. Fa Sho Shot
10. Don't Sleep (Open Your Eyes)
11. Soul Food (A Hip Hop Duet)
12. Voice of a New Generation
13. God Complex

Def Jef - Black to the Future

Def Jef - Here We Go Again

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