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Schoolly D

Jesse B. Weaver, Jr., better known by the stage name Schoolly D, is an American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Schoolly D teamed up with DJ Code Money in the mid-1980s. His lyrics reflected urban realism, violence, and sexual bravado, making Schoolly D's music one of the precursors to gangsta rap. He later embraced an afrocentric style, working together with KRS-One... more at Wikipedia

Schoolly D (1986)

Schoolly D
Quality: 256kbps
01. I Don't Like Rock & Roll
02. Put Your Filas On
03. Free Style Rapping
04. P.S.K. What Does It Mean??
05. Gucci Time
06. Free Style Cutting

Saturday Night - The Album (1987)

[Reissued Edition]
Saturday Night The Album
Quality: 192kbps
01. Housing The Joint
02. We Get Ill
03. Do It, Do It
04. Dedication to All B-Boys
05. Get N' Paid
06. Dis Groove Is Bad
07. Parkside 5-2
08. B-Boy Rhyme And Riddle
09. Saturday Night
10. It's Krack

Smoke Some Kill (1988)

Smoke Some Kill
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Smoke Some Kill
02. Here We Go Again
03. Mr.Big Dick
04. Gangster Boogie II
05. This Is It (Ain't Gonna Rain)
06. Another Poem
07. We Don't Rock, We Rap
08. Signifying Rapper
09. No More Rock N' Roll
10. Same White Bitch (Got You Strung Out On Cane)
11. Treacherous
12. Black Man
13. Coqui 900
14. Fat Gold Chain

Am I Black Enough for You? (1989)

Am I Black Enough for You
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Gangster Boogie
02. It's Like Dope
03. D. Is For
04. Black Is...
05. Gucci Again
06. Pussy Ain't Nothin'
07. Black Attack
08. Who's Schoolin' Who?
09. Mama Feelgood
10. Get off Your Ass and Get Involved
11. Education of a Black Man
12. Black Education
13. Livin' in the Jungle
14. Black Jesus
15. Super Nigger
16. Am I Black Enough for You
17. Don't Call Me Nigger
18. Black Power
19. Godfather of Funk

How a Black Man Feels (1991)

How a Black Man Feels
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Quality: 256kbps
01. Run
02. Your Worst Nightmare
03. King Of New York
04. Original Gangster
05. Die Nigger Die
06. Where'd You Get That Funk From
07. How A Blackman Feels
08. Just Another Killer
09. Peace To The Nation
10. Sometimes It's Got To Be That Way

Welcome to America (1994)

Welcome to America
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Intro
02. I Wanna Get Dusted
03. I Know You Want to Kill Me
04. Welcome to America
05. Niggas Like Me
06. Gangsta Trippin
07. Gimme Your Sh** Nigga
08. No Good Nigga
09. I Shot Da Bitch
10. Motherfuckin D
11. Stop Frontin
12. Peace Of What
13. Another Sign

Reservoir Dog (1995)

Reservoir Dog
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Welcome To Funkadelica
02. Nigger Entertainment
03. Reservoir Dog
04. Big Fat Bytches
05. Ghettofunkstylistic
06. Hustler Life
07. Gotta Hustle To Survive
08. Date With Death
09. If You See My Little Brother
10. Schooly-D Live!
11. Eternity

Funk 'N Pussy (2000)

Funk N Pussy
FileServe Buy It
Quality: 320kbps
01. Yahmean
02. Our Own Style
03. Seven Eleven
04. Do It, Do It
05. Make Your Money
06. Funkvibe Get Loose
07. Can You Feel It
08. Yes Yes Y'all
09. Doodoobutt
10. Funk and Pussy
11. Achydick
12. Get Butt Naked
13. Mr. Big Dick 2000
14. Techno Funk

International Supersport (2010)

International Supersport
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Quality: 320kbps
01. I Just Can't Help Myself
02. International Supersport
03. Twelve Ounce Mouse
04. Drum
05. Family Affair
06. Love Struck
07. Born and Razed
08. Can't Stop My Game
09. Swinging On My?

Schoolly D - PSK

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