Friday, March 11, 2011

Work In Progress...

Hey yall, I have good news for you: most of the links are back and downloadable again!!! BUT as we experienced hotfile is not reliable, so i will have to reup all the albums on other servers. I tought filesonic and fileserve would be perfect choices, some of you may prefer using megaupload or rapidshare, but the fact is: they are major sites and they like to delete files, another good reason of using fileserve and filesonic is that they are sharing me a percent of their earnings from their revenue, which is a good motivation for me beside your positive feedbacks to keep it goin. If anyone has a better solution in mind, let me know in the comment section.
During the process of reuploading i will extend some of the posts with more albums, and some of the albums that was in poor quality before will be available in a better quality!
Please help me lettin the others know that the blog is back and runnin, and let us hope this accident wont happen again.

I want to give thanks for all the positive feedbacks and loyalty that i received from yall through these years, without them this blog may not even exist today. Thank You
One Love
PS: New posts are on the way!!! ;)

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