Saturday, June 25, 2011

Biografi Band Capten Jack Band Jogja

Capten Jack Band Jogja
Captain Jack
Captain Jack is an indie band that originated from Yogyakarta. This band is not unusual anymore in Yogyakarta. They are always waiting for his fans who used to be called "Jacker". The band consists of Momo (vocals / guitar), Zuhdil (guitar), Novak (bass), Surya Ismeth (keyboards) and Andi Babon(drums).

Had vacuum for 3 years, now Captain Jack re-emerged with new EP with the title "The Fall of Concept". In the latest EP Captain Jack explore more in their music, beat variation, sound and sampling the songs on the EP (mini album) This latest feels assert their maturity in music.

"We're not children with colorful hair style filled with gel, we do not dress funky and we do not care about anything funky sense, we are also not quasi-naughty kids who get drunk every day just to feel her rockstar, we're just kids ordinary children who live in ordinary life with the problems faced by ordinary people and we are angry with all the existing habits ", said the personnel of Captain Jack.

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