Saturday, June 25, 2011

Biografi Band J ROCK

Jakarta Rockstars or mostly known as J-RockS [JRS] is one of new band in Indonesia, which is playing Japanese rock music. Founded in 09 November 2003 by Iman [vocalist], Sony [lead guitarist], Wima [bassist], and Anton [drummer] they are start their career through the indie band festival held by Nescafe [Nescafe Musik Asyik 2004]. After defeat their two rival, B-Five [Makassar] and Cool - Khas [Yogyakarta], JRS got their recording contract with Aquarius Musikindo and also got their first video clip as their another prize ["Mestinya Kuakhiri Semua", which also made them become the champion of the contest]. At July 2005 finally they released their first album entitled "Topeng Sahabat", contain 11 songs with some hits singles : "Mestinya Kuakhiri Semua", " Lepaskan Diriku", "Berharap Kau Kembali", "Ceria", and "Selamat Tinggal Kekasihku"; the next 4 hits later are also made the video clip then. JRS sweetly combine the Japanese rock music with other genres according to the music influence of each member, like blues, punk, jazz, the point is they play in rock n roll area. " Our music is freestyle.." that's what Iman said to conclude. Even though born from a talent contest, all member of JRS are personally proven to own skill which cannot be assumed insignificant, in every their live perform they always present attraction - attraction which always can invite admiration also hysteria of all J-Rockstars [mention to all fans JRS]. Even one of guitar brand, Marlique, ready to endorse Sony, lead guitarist from JRS. Now with their music skill, which matured progressively, they ready to launch their second album soon, in early 2007.

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