Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 Steps From Nowhere

3 Steps From Nowhere is a Hip-Hop group comprised of Lazy, Black Crow, and Rimshot. They released their debut and only album 30 Degrees Below Funk in 1993 on the Compendia Music Group label...

If anybody knows more info about this underrated group, write it down in the comment section! Thanks

30° Below Funk (1993)

30 Below Funk
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Quality: 320kbps
01. Pass It On
02. Something Kinda Jazzy
03. On & On
04. Kick It over Here
05. Non-Stop Hip Hop
06. Dear Old Dad
07. The Genesis (Ft.Tigger)
08. Ain't No Tang
09. Mellow Move
10. Freestyle,Method (Ft.Chill, Ric 'Baby')
11. Dis Funk
12. Pass It On [Remix](Ft.Trugoy The Dave)
13. Dedication

Pass It On

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