Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gigi Reborn at Seventeen

Seventeen years old is an age when people tread into maturity, but for a band like Gigi, seventeen is when they are reborn as a team.

They see the moment as a new chapter. For their birthday concert, titled “Sweet Seventeen”, Gigi will unite with four well-known conductors on May 26 at Istora Senayan in Central Jakarta: Addie M.S., Erwin Gutawa, Andi Rianto and Tohpati.

“After bitter, fresh, sweet and salty experiences in our journey, at last we can be together with them. In my eyes, these conductors are legends. Thank God,” said bassist Thomas Ramdhan.

Armand Maulana, the vocalist, was happy because Gigi could finally work with all the conductors in a big performance together, something that had never happened before.

“This might be one of the biggest dreams for this anniversary. We can bring together Gigi and these [conductors] in one show,” said Armand

In tune with Gigi’s members, all of the conductors are excited too.

Tohpati says Gigi is a band that never split up, but he can’t quite explain why. According to him, the band members play well together and their management works well too. “A great band, I think. There are no more [like them],” said Tohpati.

Every time Andi Rianto listens to Gigi, he says, he thinks of the great band members and the quality of their music. Naturally he said yes when he was asked to perform with them. “I get a chance to be on one stage with my teachers, these [conductors]. So come on, [I’m] ready,” said Andi.

Adhie M.S. said he was very excited when Gigi’s manager contacted him, because he would perform not only with legendary band Gigi but also with Andy.

At first, Erwin Gutawa wanted to refuse the offer, but he finally accepted it. He had no reason to refuse.

Thomas said Gigi had many types of songs, spanning a wide variety of moods such as mellow, rock and steady beats. Gigi’s members decide which songs will best match each conductor.

“The concept is multiform, so Gigi will perform rock, pop, religious and jazz music packaged with an orchestra and band. We will work on the staging and music to make it all harmonize,” said Dhani Pette, the band’s manager.

Dhani added that the other performers were also the best in their class, such as Agnes Monica, Ari Lasso, Pasha (Ungu), Iwa K. and DJ Riri. Other former band members will also be performing: Aria Baron, Ronald Fristianto, Opet Alatas and Budhy Haryono.

As for the reunion, Armand said Gigi would not have lasted seventeen years without them, so Gigi’s current members respect and love them.

“Believe me, perhaps, in the end, the stage appearance will be secondary. We bring quality music played by qualified people,” said Dhani.

“It is impossible for Gigi to bring together the conductors without a unifying concept. What is it? Wait for the date and watch [for yourself] on the 26 [of May]. What is the concept? That will be a surprise,” said Armand.

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