Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sailing through with Sheila On 7

The crowds – from children to middle-aged mothers – applauded enthusiastically when Eros, the guitarist of pop band Sheila On 7, began playing the intro of its first song for a music program at television station RCTI in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

“This music program has been made for the release of our seventh album Berlayar [Sailing]. This is a way for the band to thank its fans for their support and tell them that we’re still here playing our music,” Eros said.

Nge-H1etsnya Berlayar is a music program featuring artists from various music genres with a storyline to keep it fresh and favored by its audience. From pop to Rock & Roll music, the program is a show to watch as you relax and enjoy your weekend.

The show’s main theme Berlayar is taken from Sheila On 7’s latest album with the same name. To underline the show, the stage set resembles a sailboat. In addition, the stage is enriched with decorations from Yogyakarta, the band members’ hometown.

During the music show, Sheila On 7 also collaborated with other artists such as She, The Changcuters and Yovie & Nuno.

“The idea for this launch came from our label. It is a strategy to work together with friends from RCTI to help us make a concept for this launch. We are all definitely relieved because everything is going smoothly.

“Fans come and sing with us. Beside, we received a Platinum Award for Ring Back Tone & Album Sales. We have it all and just can’t ask for more,” said Akhdiyat Duta Modjo aka Duta, the band’s frontman.

Fans from all over Jakarta seem to enjoy Sheila On 7 who perform hit songs such as“Sephia”and“Pria Kesepian”(Lonely Man). Music enthusiasts also sing with guest artists such as The Changcuters, She, Yovie & Nuno, Mhyta and Lala Karmela.

“Receiving this award is something that has gone beyond my imagination. This is actually the first award I have received since joining Sheila On 7. It is a blessing,”said Brian Kresna Putro, drummer and also the latest member of Sheila On 7.

Behind a great show must be a great creative head who makes the show looks fantastic. For the music program Nge-H1etsnya Berlayar, the creative head is Pristi Gusmatahati.

“The major issue is actually time. Our creative team was only given a week to do this project with Sheila On 7. We have only five effective days,” she said.

On Monday (April 11), the band just landed in Jakarta after their concert in Adelaide, Australia. The creative team had a serial meeting with the band at midnight at the airport.

“Just on Wednesday [April 13] we started preparation for the show,” she added.

Pristi said the music program Nge-H1ets was adjusted to a specific theme. For the purpose of Sheila On 7’s album launch last weekend, the music pro-gram was titled “Nge-H1ets Berlayar”to accommodate the band’s new album Berlayar.

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